About Us

About Us

We’ve seen it a thousand times. Your company needs a website. You Google ‘web design company’ and come up with a hundred options for designers and agencies. You call around, find one that’s not too expensive and looks like they do a good job only to end up six months later with a site you didn’t want and out $5K. 

You see, our goal is to not only create a website you can be proud to show your clients, but we’re also fast and affordable. You can rest easy that the website we present to you in initial designs is the one you will end up with, guaranteed.

We blend together Wordpress, WPML, JS, CSS & HTML to create good things for your website.

Contact us today for a free quote and see how easy the web can be!

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Stafford Creative uses and recommends Siteground for fast, reliable hosting for every project and budget.

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