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Anthony Butler

Hello, I'm Anthony Butler.  

This is my site where I frequently write about the impact of emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, on societies and economies.  I am currently Chief Technology Officer for IBM in the Middle East and Africa and was appointed as an IBM Distinguished Engineer mostly for my work in blockchain and cloud technologies.

I live in and am focused on supporting the development of one of the most exciting and future-oriented places in the world –  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

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Recent Posts

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Accellerating decentralized innovation in biotech

Most people will have heard of Moore's Law as it relates to the computer industry but there's a similar – though diametrically opposed -- law that governs the pharmacutical indusry known as Eroom's Law.  Eroom's Law states that the speed of drug development declines and costs double every nine years. This

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Power laws, population, and prosperity

This week, I was discussing the plans announced by the Saudi government last year to double the population of Riyadh by 2030.  I mentioned, much to the apparent surprise of some of the audience, that doubling the population of the city could help make the city a much greener and

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On identifying talent

There are few decisions that can have as great a positive – or negative – impact on a company or a team than hiring decisions: talent allocation is, after all, the fuel behind economic growth.  As such, being able to interview well is a super-power; part art, part science but a fundamentally